The Discovery Series

What's next?

At conclusion of the Discovery Series, become a regular client to enjoy weekly appointments at home or in-studio, tailored to your needs and abilities.


The Discovery Series

When considering where to start we suggest here. The discovery series takes you on a journey of self-exploration. One that guides you from where you are now to where you hope to be in the future.

We begin with a counselling approach that reflects on who you are and where you are headed. If you are like most clients you may feel a bit ambiguous about what ‘getting in shape’ or feeling energized’ actually means to you, or how to achieve it. Through a strength and values based approach we help you gain clarity so you can take intentional steps forward. We will also assess your current physical abilities, fitness and skills.

From there we develop your unique self-care prescription. Complete with online tools to support you in learning specific exercises and resources that continue to inform you about other self-care strategies.

How it works

COST: $399

Four sessions at a location most convenient for you – in your home, office, Saskatoon Leisure Centre or in our fully-equipped studio (located in Evergreen, Saskatoon).

Sessions are offered throughout the day and evening, based on availability. After completing the Discovery Series you will have the option to become a regular client and enjoy a regular, scheduled weekly appointment as determined between you and your coach.

Regular private clients have the option to participate in an online nutrition and lifestyle change program PROCOACH at no extra charge. To learn more about this unique and innovative offer, click HERE.

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