(Em) Body Course


Becoming comfortable in your own skin through exercise

Fitness is supposed to be about whole body health, taking care of and nourishing our bodies, and enhancing our mental wellbeing. We engage in exercise because we know it is good for us. Yet we never feel “good enough”.

Fitness, wellness, and mainstream culture is sabotaging our ability to engage in exercise in a healthy way because it creates the expectation of fit looking a certain way. Fit has become synonymous with thin, lean, disciplined, and extreme.

So much of what is being sold to us is actually diet culture packaged as wellness. The message you get is that fitness is the best way toward health, but the industry only promotes a narrow perspective of what health and fitness looks, feels and acts like.

How can we find our way in fitness when we do not measure up to the cultural landscape, when our bodies and fitness journey takes another path to one being offered in the mainstream?

In this radical new e-course and workshop, you will learn a new way of relating to your body and movement that’s supported by science and decades of experience.

6-week e-course & 1/2 day workshop

In this course we will:

  • Learn about diet culture and its’ influence on cosmetic fitness. You will begin to take a critical inventory of how diet culture may be influencing your own exercise practices and body monitoring behaviours.
  • Introduce and explore self-compassion as a resource in divesting from diet culture and cosmetic fitness.
  • Explore a new way of relating to our bodies that is centred in embodiment and self-care.
  • Build a practice to start flourishing in your body
  • Connect and build community with others on this journey


People who want feel more comfortable and less intimidated by the exercise space.

Folks who want to be more motivated to exercise regularly but the current messaging does not feel inclusive of them, or inspiring.

People who have become disenchanted with the constant drive toward being fitter, leaner, and more toned but who still want to move and feel good on a regular basis.

People who recognize that exercise feels more like a chore that they ‘have’ to do rather than ‘want’ to do or enjoy doing.

What to expect

The E-Course is delivered to your inbox each week for 6 weeks. You will receive 2 emails with content, videos, and resources. After the 6 weeks a workshop will support deepening our experience and begin to unpack the learning and apply the tools provided.


Ticketing tiers

A tiered ticket format is used as part of using a feminist ethical framework that aims to ensure that this work is available to those who need it. Not just those who can afford it. It works as follows:

The Steadfast Ticket is for folx who are financially secure and covers the cost of your participation.

The Supporters Ticket is for folxwho are able to contribute, beyond the cost of your own ticket, to add funds to the Community-Resourced Ticket Pool.

The Solidarity Ticket is for folx with limited financial resources; your tickets will be supported by the community and by Olivia.

E-course Only – The e-course only (without workshop) is available for people who are excited and want to take part in this training right away. As soon as you register you will be welcomed into the program and being receive all the content.

E-course + Workshop – This version of (Em)Body is for people looking to immerse themselves in these teachings, recognize that healing is a relational process, and want to engage with others in community. Simply sign up below and we will send you more information about (Em)Body throughout the year and notify you when the e-course + workshop registration is available (approx twice annually).

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