Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our approach!

Is this the same as personal training?

Sort of but we call ourselves coaches. We certainly started out as personal trainers and exercise therapists. However experience quickly showed us that exercise training did not resolve all the concerns and goals that our clients have. While we excel is the areas of exercise physiology, functional movement and strength we also needed to develop skills in psychology, pedagogy, and mindfulness. For these reasons:

EDUCATION and INSIGHT: It’s one thing to learn an exercise. It’s another to be motivated to perform it on a regular basis. We need to learn how to self-regulate our behavior and develop self-awareness around our resistance.

MINDSET: What you perceive is possible for you to achieve can be quite different from what we believe is possible for you. We will challenge you to try and sometimes fail. This requires shifts in mindset and resilience. Not to mention that life will pose challenges to thwart your growth that we will navigate together.

CONSISTENCY: Growth happens in the small steps we take everyday. While we need long term goals we also have to strategically implement short term habits. This requires understanding you and developing a relationship.

SELF-AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE: Truth be told not matter what we achieve our ability to celebrate our success requires us to develop self-compassion with our bodies, abilities, and lives. If we rely on culture and comparison to tell us we are worthy and good enough we will never be happy or satisfied with our results. We believe and encourage engaging with a counter-cultural view of health and well-being.

How long should I expect to work with you?

It depends. Happily we can boast about our client retention since most of our clients have worked with us for years. Almost everyone started with private personalized exercise. Sometimes with the 4 session ‘Discovery Series’. Some remain in private training to maintain the customized programming, for the convenience of in-home service, due to scheduling or because they prefer a private environment. Others graduated to small group training with us. However it can be hard to know what you need before you get started. We are happy to work organically with you until you determine exactly what you need.

How often will we need to meet?

Most of our clients meet with us weekly and supplement their learning and training with a group training session. We call these ‘Anchor’ appointments. 1-2X per week we get to meet and work on your current objectives and also plan and strategize what needs to be occurring independently to practice  new skills and develop fitness. Clients who make a commitment to weekly meetings can also opt-in to additional support through the online PROCOACH nutrition and lifestyle change service. It’s certainly something worth exploring and discussing with your coach if it’s a good fit for you.

Where is the group classes studio?

Our fully-outfitted studio is located in the Evergreen neighbourhood of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Address: 563 Kloppenberg Cres.