Is Nutrition Coaching for you?, I hear this all the time from new clients ‘I eat healthy but’…

  • "I’m struggling to lose about 30-40lbs"
  • "I feel tired and lack energy"
  • "I still feel bad about how I look"
  • "I feel like I’m missing something and it’s preventing me from success"
  • "My hormones have changed how my body functions"
  • "Is it enough?"
  • "I still think I could improve"
  • "I’m struggling to string together more than a few good days without sabotaging myself"
  • "I think I know what to do but don’t seem to get around to doing it"
  • "I don’t want food to rule my life"
  • "I’m sick of obsessing about food"
about skills

I’m pretty sure that you can relate to some of these statements if not several of them.

As you already know, the difference between knowing what to do and ACTUALLY doing it can be a very wide gap. Plus there can be so many things you want to change, where do you start? Not to mention that there is new nutrition and weight loss information all the time, how do you focus on what really matters?

Here is what I know for sure

How you may be feeling right now is actually how we all feel no matter where we are on the spectrum of living a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because we are taught that our goal should be to follow the perfect diet and perfect workout regimen. If we just did that everything would be exactly as we desire.

But life is much……much more messy than that.

Want to find out what is in the messy middle? It’s a journey that you can love and be so proud of….? I can show you.