Pilates Primer


Pilates primer is uniquely designed for individuals who are new to Pilates and would benefit from an personalized and immersive experience. Pilates primer supports deep learning of the method and facilitates how to optimize the method in your body.

You will receive:
  • Three - 60 minute - In-person private training sessions
  • A digital program of practice exercises prescribed to either support learning foundational movements for an optimal class experience. 
  • Specific digital exercise prescription to support your unique posture, health needs, and mechanics.
  • Postural and movement pattern assessment provided if needed.
  • Full introduction to the equipment to ensure a broad understanding of the method and what experiences are available to you.
We recommend Pilates Primer to all new clients or anyone looking to support a home practice or gain deeper understanding of the method that is not well facilitated in a group environment.

After purchase you will receive a confirmation email with your booking links!