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We get it

Pursuing health through exercise can be physically, socially and culturally challenging.

Not only is the act of exercise difficult, but so is knowing where to begin and what’s important, particularly when you’re adjusting to a new stage in life or overcoming an injury. Plus time is your most precious commodity and it has to be used efficiently and effectively. So how do you find your own road to lasting change?

What we do

We educate, motivate and support you through life changes.

We do this through private personalized coaching, small group training, online lifestyle change and exercise programming, health challenges and mini workshops/seminars. We apply exercise therapy to treat pain, support health and heal disease, such as diabetes, arthritis or fibromyalgia. We also implement practices designed to increase wellbeing.

Our aim is to create a knowledgeable, convenient, trustworthy and safe space to access professional support to help you navigate your fitness and wellness journey.


Private Personalized Training (online and in-person)

A customized plan that aims to understand you and your unique needs, establishing a long-term relationship for the process of growth and change.

Small Group Training & Classes

Small group training that feels like personalized exercise, delivered in a supportive environment. With our help you will be placed in a class that suits your goals and abilities.

Run Tempo Fit

Run Tempo Fit is an in-person and online professional run coaching program. RTF offers high level coaching to all abilities of runner and run experience. We cater to those new to the sport and running for self-care, to those pursuing high level performance.

(Em) Body E-Course and Workshop

Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin Through Exercise. A NEW paradigm for healing our relationship with exercise and our bodies. 6 Week E-course and and E-course + Workshop Series.

“I can’t say enough what a difference Olivia has made in my life! I initially reached out to Olivia for personal training when I was turning 50 and feeling sore, stiff, aching muscles beginning to set in…I was nervous about how an out of shape old (feeling) gal would be received into the culture of fitness, but I was quickly reassured by Olivia’s acceptance. I immediately felt at home with her, and felt motivated and empowered to continue.”

Melody Penrose

“My husband and I are older adults. We began working with Olivia after I had experienced knee pain that made walking difficult. An ultrasound showed only mild arthritis which did not explain the pain. My pain soon went away after working with Olivia for several sessions. As my husband and I continued to work with Olivia we soon realized other benefits such as increased core strength, improved balance, and overall flexibility. With our increased strength we have gained confidence in what we can do.”

Lorna Chapman

Start small. Build consistency.

In one year from now you will be… transformed.

Start now by scheduling a free consultation with Olivia Chadwick and discover the right fit for you.  

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