About Olivia

Olivia Chadwick

Msc Candidate in Kin, Bsc Kin
Owner, Runner, Researcher, Reader and Mom in Saskatoon

Led by a fascination with physiology and anatomy during my undergraduate years, I completed a Bachelors in Kinesiology. This education has been fundamental to my work as a coach. However, I quickly realized that helping others required an understanding more than just the body–I needed to learn about the mind.

Incorporating behavioural and positive psychology for whole-person wellness

In today’s culture it is simply not enough to treat disease–we want to know how to live a full and meaningful life. We want to experience wellbeing and learn how to flourish. This insight created a pivotal shift in how I work with clients.

After 10 years practicing as a coach, I have returned to academics to complete my Master’s in exercise psychology and contemplative studies. My current research is exploring how we can cultivate compassion and acceptance towards ourselves in the context of exercise. Can we paradoxically work towards improving ourselves and our lives while also learning how to accept, enjoy and even love exactly who we are right now. Sounds great right? If I figure it out I will let you know 😉

What feeds me

I get the most fulfillment working with new exercisers or those facing life transitions or physical/psychological challenges. Exercise and self-care can be a life line that makes living more satisfying and worthwhile. Ultimately I hope that by working with me, clients can experience greater personal fulfillment and life satisfaction.