Be Well Fit Services


Pilates Primer

Pilates primer is uniquely designed for individuals who are new to Pilates and would benefit from an personalized and immersive experience. Pilates primer supports deep learning of the method and facilitates how to optimize the method in your body.

We recommend Pilates Primer to all new clients or anyone looking to support a home practice or gain deeper understanding of the method that is not well facilitated in a group environment.

Next Up

Move Up

Whether your looking to regain quality of life and engage in more lifestyle activities or you have performance related goals we can support you through professional coaching, and by developing your movement mindset and skillset.
We specialize in professional exercise prescription that supports you in reaching your health, wellbeing, and performance related goals.
We offer services that span from clinical exercise prescription to elite athletic programming.

Last but not least

Run Tempo Fit

Running is a mental sport that requires significant physical ability.
Run Tempo Fit is a professionally coached run training program that offers advanced training techniques using a mind-body approach – equal parts exercise science & sports psychology.
This unique approach means that we can support beginners looking to engage safely in the activity while also developing a love of the sport, and athletes looking to gain an edge in their athletic performance.