Group Classes & Training


Group classes and training sessions

Along with home or office visits, we also have a 800 square-foot fitness studio filled with specialized equipment. We host training sessions and small-group classes using the studio.

Small Group Training is best suited to individuals who enjoy the energy of the group environment. Before signing up it is best to consult with us so we can learn about your needs and fitness level and help you find a class best suited to you.

What makes us different?

You’ll receive individualized programming and hands-on attention, creating the best learning environment for optimal results. By learning about each individual in the class, I design each session to meet the needs of every person. The methodology I use incorporates the best of Pilates, Mobility Training, Strength and Functional Training. This results in a well-rounded approach for a body that moves and feels amazing.

Small-Group Class area

  • Training Session area
  • STOTT Pilates Reformer
  • STOTT Pilates Towers (4)
  • STOTT Pilates Stability Chair
  • Free weight]
  • Accessories (exercise ball, tubing, foam roller etc)
  • Bathroom and change area

Current Class Offering

All classes run for 9 weeks, with the winter session running January 6 to March 9, 2020.


Pilates + Strength (Essential) | 60 min

FRI  10:30AM

An equipment-based Pilates class. What you will love about this class is the ability to be challenged without feeling the ache and strain of traditional classes that promise intensity. A beginner can work alongside an exercise aficionado with both getting pushed to their personal limits.

Pilates + Strength (Intermediate) | 60 min

MON  8:45AM
WED 10:00AM
FRI 9:15AM

This class used to be called ‘the burn’. This season expect the intensity delivered with a focus on core conditioning and endurance.

Older Adult Pilates | 60 min


What I have learned from my older adult clientele is that it can be difficult to know what to focus on. Is metabolic health more important to improve energy and vital factors, or a focus on stretching and strength to improve stiffness and function? This class understands these competing objectives and focuses on maximizing your time and energy. Small class sizes ensure safety and proper technique.

Details and Registration

This season

Winter session runs for 9 weeks starting January 6 and running to March 9, 2020. 


Per class: $270 paid in full, or $100/mo.

Additional classes discounted at 15% off.

NOTE: Monday classes are canceled on Friends and Family Day, February 17, 2020.


If you are a first-time client, please ensure you have booked and participated in a free consultation prior to registering for classes.

To register simply select and submit your preferred class offering. Your invoice will then be processed and sent via email for payment. Payment can be made online by credit card or alternative method as necessary, in full or with 2 monthly preauthorized payments.

Class Registration

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